Hills and Royal Canin

A good quality, well balanced diet is essential for your pet’s health and well-being. We stock a range of premium diets including Hills and Royal Canin.

Our qualified veterinary nurses are happy to discuss your pet’s dietary requirements and recommend a suitable food. Some animals require prescription diets to help treat particular disease conditions for example kidney, liver or inflammatory bowel disease. These will be recommended by your veterinarian.

The Hills t/d diet, is often recommended to slow down the build up of tartar and promote gum health. We have seen excellent results with this diet and it has proven to be very popular. It can be fed exclusively or added to your pets normal diet.

In the last few years the ‘raw diet’ or ‘BARFing’ has become more and more popular mainly for the nutrition of dogs. ‘BARFing’ stands for ‘Bones and Raw Foods’ and feeding according to that regime basically aims to feed dogs (and cats) a diet which the owner can compose themselves of fresh ingredients. It is fed raw, to try to imitate the natural diet of a wolf. This topic is frequently a cause of discussion. Opponents as well as advocates of the raw diet have plausible arguments. If you consider changing your dog’s or cat’s diet to a raw diet, we are happy to advise on that. Please keep in mind, that it does not mean to only feed bone and meat. This would not be a balanced diet for your dog/cat and has the potential risk of making your animal sick.

If you are thinking of changing your pets diet, our staff can discuss options, and what we believe is a healthy diet for your pets lifestyle and age.