We are always amazed at the amount of pets that visit Abbotts Way Vet from the Ellerslie area. Ellerslie is a pet lovers centre and being close to Remuera we do tend to get a lot of clientele from Ellerslie who have been with us for many years.

Apart from the racecourse Ellerslie has a thriving community with a great shopping centre, plenty of parks to walks the dogs in and it is not uncommon to see the locals frequenting the local bars, cafes and so on with a water bowl and a dog at their feet. Ellerslie is a pet lovers paradise and as vets servicing the area we are proud to be associated with the district.

Pets are accepted well in the community and an active cat lovers is prevalent via the rescue centre established in 1996.

Below is a view looking back at Ellerslie which takes in the motorway and Mt Wellington in the background.

For those of you new to Auckland region, Ellerslie has a great history as a founding suburb of Auckland and has always had an association with Vets and Pets due to the famous Ellerslie racecourse where the Auckland cup is run every year and attracts thousands of punters from all over the country.

With a large events centre located onsite and fabulous catering it is a tremendous venue for the region.

As mentioned there is a wide variety of sports grounds and playing fields spread around the district. With clubs such as the famous Ellerslie Eagles and the soccer club for youth in the area such as Ellerslie Soccer Club and the Ellerslie Tennis Club to name but a few.

The region also has a very well set up event centre located here also. It is combined with the horse racing building and has a large function and catering service. There are regular Pet shows also where Ellerslie Vets have been represented