Exercising your pet is a vital part of owning a pet. This is especially true in the city as dogs and cats usually have very little space to roam on a daily basis, so they need to be actively taken out or engaged in daily movement.

Vets Auckland have noticed an increase in the volume of preventable conditions that have come about from overweight pets such as: heart disease, joint and mobility problems, breathing complications and even diabetes. Experts believe that an estimated 40% of pets today are overweight.

The amount of exercising your pet needs depends on the age, breed and size of the animal. When choosing your pet always get one that will fit in with your family and your lifestyle.

Exercising your pet can be a great way to get fit yourself. A fit and motivated exercise buddy can increase your motivation. Exercising your pet can become a change of lifestyle for you too.
Vets Auckland have come up with some tips for exercising your pet to keep them fit and healthy:

  1. Make exercising your pet a non-negotiable daily habit. Rain or shine a dog doesn’t care. Grab an umbrella or rain coat and head out.
  2. Find somewhere that you both enjoy- a park that has a great café on the outskirts can be a great motivator!
  3. Invest in some exercise toys like a ball slinger, or a Frisbee. Dogs love to play fetch and it can be a fast and effective way in exercising your pet.
  4. If your dog likes to run and you want to increase your own fitness, get your running gear on and set off on a jog. Mix it up with hill climbs and walking pace. Your dog will enjoy the activity and just being with you.
  5. Don’t take the car! Next time you need to go down to the shops pop the leash on and go.

These tips are generally for dogs, but it’s important to note you should be – whatever kind they are. Cats who live in built up city areas that cannot roam need ample play space inside. Its vital to create a place in your house that they can climb, like carpet tree or similar. As they are hunters toys that they can chase and catch are important. Discovering more funny tips and tools for pet exercising.

Remember pets can overheat. With the warmer weather approaching it’s a great opportunity to go exploring new pet friendly areas. When , always be prepared for the conditions.

Vets Auckland want you to remember:

  • Make sure you have water for yourself and your pet
  • In the heat of the day make sure there is shade for them
  • Don’t over exert them. If they are panting and their gums and tongue are bright red in color and are listless and can’t keep up, this could be heat stroke and you need to get them to .

And don’t forget the poo bag!