Hi my name is Ginny and I am having a general anaesthetic today to have my teeth scaled and polished. Preanaesthetic bloods have been run, to check liver and kidney function in particular to ensure the anaesthetic is as safe as possible. Contact one of our experienced nurses for advice and book dental checking time.

An intravenous line is placed to administer supportive fluids during the surgery and I am given a premed to make me feel nice and relaxed and also to reduce the amount of injectable anaesthetic required to anaesthetise me.

The vet gives me my anaesthetic through my intravenous line then places an enotracheal tube (breathing tube) to administer oxygen and anaesthetic gas to maintain me under anaesthetic.

The nurse attaches a pulse oximeter to my tongue to montor my heart rate, breathing rate and Oxygen saturation. A doppler blood pressure machine is attached to my hind paw to monitor my blood pressure during the anaesethetic.

My teeth are ultrasonically scaled then polished with a fluoride toothpaste.

The teeth and gums are examined thoroughly and any broken, loose or decayed ones are removed. In my case two large upper carnassials (cheek teeth had to be extracted).

The finished product – shiny white teeth and minty fresh breath!

Once the dental is complete and my mouth has been rinsed the anaesthetic gas is turned off but the oxygen is continued until I’m just about awake. My ET tube is removed and I am monitored closely by one of the nurses until I am fully awake.

I will go home later that day with pain relief and antibiotics and the vet will want to see me back in 6 months for a dental check up.

We are using American modern technology in dental services in order to provide the best care for your pet.