Properly caring for a Canine involves a lot more than occasionally “throwing the dog a bone” from time to time. A dog, regardless of breed, requires regular care and attention for them to remain healthy and happy.

A Balanced Diet is Key

Once they reach adulthood, most breeds of dog should be fed twice a day, ideally a mix of wet and dry food. Follow the guidelines on the dog food packaging to find the correct quantity to feed your pet, and don’t exceed it. Overfeeding can lead to pet obesity and other problems.

A regular feeding time each day can help your dog to have a regular bathroom schedule and sticking to the same type and brand of food can be easier on their digestive system. Variety is not a high priority for dogs but be sure to regularly wash their eating bowl and ensure that fresh clean drinking water is available to them at all times. Be sure to monitor their weight and speak to your vet if they are over or under their healthy weight limits, read more.

Just like Us, Dogs need Exercise

Again, certain breeds will require varying amounts of exercise so it is best to discuss your pooch specifically with your vet who can make recommendations based on the age, breed and condition of your dog. Most experts do tend to agree however, that around an hour of activity a day is required (“working” breeds will typically require more than this). Learn to tune into your dog’s signals, eg if he appears to be restless or is pacing around, its liking that he’s craving a particularly long walk or ball-chasing run-around today.

Keep them Looking and Smelling Great

Hair… Nails… Smile… check! It may sound like the start of a Marilyn Munroe song but good pet care should involve keeping your pet looking and smelling their beautiful best. Brushing your dogs teeth at least once a week using a doggy toothpaste and toothpaste will keep their breath fresh and fight against plaque, tartar, gingivitis and dental infections.

Regularly washing (perhaps weekly) as well brushing the coat of your dog and keeping on top of flea treatments will make for a happy pooch and proud owner. Paw nails will grow at different rates depending on breed and environment but generally speaking, most dogs will need their nails trimmed every month or two. Be particularly careful to never cut into the quick of a dog’s nail as this will cause pain and possibly bleeding.

For the Love of Your Pet, Visit Your Vet

There are certain things that only a Veterinarian can care for when it comes to the health of your pet. Choosing a friendly and professional Vet Auckland when you first adopt your dog, especially if he is a puppy is imperative. Flea and worm control, neutering, micro chipping, weight management, vaccinations and disease prevention and detection are all part of being a good owner.

Visit your vet for a doggy check-up at least once a year once they are an adult and more frequently if they are either a pup, or older than ten years old. Book a visit if you notice significant or sudden changes in your dog’s appetite, energy levels, temperament. Visit the Vet immediately if your dog is exhibiting any signs of distress. Considering pet insurance is also a wise investment and most good vets will offer you valuable advice in making the right choice. Dogs also may have urinating inside the house issues from time to time. Here are some tips for removing dog urine from carpet

If you are in the Auckland area and want an experienced Vet who will give your dog the attention and care he needs, be sure to check out They have been in the industry for a number of decades and come highly recommended.