We start the new year with our Computerised Radiography system up and running. After considerable searching we decided on a Fujifilm system. For us and our patients it means better images especially when we are looking at soft tissue such as chest or abdominal radiographs. The installation of this system by Andrew from Fujifilm ran very smoothly and we had a day and a half of training from Donnay. The one thing all of us are pleased at is that we no longer have chemical developer and fixer and a dark room to look after. Our disposal costs for those items have disappeared and is the need to buy radiographic film. We can easily give our clients a copy of the images on a CD so that the can take them home.

Another new purchase back in November arrived in early January. This is a neat machine called a Tonovet which measures intraocular pressure. This is the first Tonovet to be brought into new Zealand and it is so simple to use and get a measurement.

Also arriving in December last year was an upgrade on our laboratory testing equipment which means we can measure blood gases so making the care of critical medical cases much safer. We also did our first strip graft this month on a cats hind limb. We will be posting some pictures of Kagu’s leg on the website and on our Facebook page.

Coming up in March, Kathrin and Rachael (two of our vets) are off to the World Small Animal Veterinary Conference which is in Auckland this year.