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Medical and Diagnostic Service

At Abbotts Way Veterinary Clinic we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive, high quality medical and diagnostic service.  Our veterinary hospital is fully equipped and purpose built and we like to stay abreast of current advances in veterinary medicine by undertaking continuing education in the form of conferences and distance education.

We are also members of the VIN (Veterinary Information Network) allowing us to access information and advice from leading specialists around the world

vets-auckland-clinic-veterinarian-pet-vaccinations-vet-IMG_7371Ultrasound and Radiography

We have an in-house computerised radiography system allowing us to perform x-rays on site on demand.

Ultrasound is a pain and stress free diagnostic procedure used at Abbotts Way on a daily basis these days, allowing us to diagnose a variety of medical conditions without the need for referral or exploratory surgery.





An ECG or electrocardiogram graphs the electrical conductivity in the heart muscle and may be used to help diagnose various heart conditions, electrolyte imbalances and drug toxicities. A lot of these conditions can be life threatening so having an ECG on site is important to allow us to diagnose and treat many of these disorders as quickly as possible. Performing an ECG, xrays and an echocardiogram gives us complete information regarding the function of the heart

Diagnostic Laboratory

vets-auckland-clinic-veterinarian-pet-vaccinations-vet-IMG_7301When diagnostic testing is required it is important that test results are back to us as soon as possible. Our in-house laboratory allows us to have ready access to blood and urine test results (often within thirty minutes) This allows rapid diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s medical condition.

The in-house laboratory also means quick turnaround on pre anaesthetic tests on your pet on the morning of their surgery.

We are able to run Full Blood Counts, Serum Chemistry and Electrolyte Analysis as well as tests of Thyroid and Adrenal function. Other more specialised blood tests are couriered to the local Gribbles laboratory and results are usually obtained within 24 hours.

We are also able to perform cytology on some lumps, fluid and skin scrapings in house meaning rapid diagnosis.  We can also test for FIV (feline aids), Feline Leukaemia, and Feline Peritonitis.  Urine tests such as dipstick tests, specific gravity and sediment are also in house.

Referral Service

As in human medicine complex cases sometimes require treatment at a specialist facility.  If necessary we are able to offer referral to local  veterinary specialists for:

  • Opthalmic conditions
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Further imaging MRI, CT scans, Endoscopy
  • Medical and Surgical cases

Hi our names are Arabella, Charlie, Whisky and Gina Roberton and we are all patients of the Abbotts Way Veterinary Clinic. We would like to thank David & Rachael for their outstanding and friendly service over the years. During an emergency the staff have looked after not only us but our parents Anna & David. We have ALWAYS had a follow up phone call to see how we are and we receive personally addressed letters containing treats when our vaccines are due. We are happy to get out of our cages when we arrive as we know that even during injection and worming time we will be pampered. From all of us in chorus, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW and a very big thank you for all you have done for us”

-Anna & David Roberton, St. Heliers

Due to the current government announcement, as of December 3rd, our clinic will be following the Red COVID protection framework.

We ask that clients adhere to the following safety measures:

  • Please do not attend the clinic if you are unwell.
  • It is now a requirement that all clients entering our clinic are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (if eligible).
  • Please wear your face mask or present your face covering exemption card.
  • Please check-in via the QR codes around our clinic for contact tracing purposes.

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