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Pet Wellness Plans

Pet wellness plans are designed to keep your pet healthy and happy by identifying and treating potential problems early  Unfortunately many illnesses are not diagnosed until they have progressed to end stage, leaving little in the way of treatment options.

vets-auckland-clinic-veterinarian-pet-vaccinations-vet-IMG_7353Diagnosing a disease in its early stages often means we can treat it more effectively meaning a happier and longer life for your pet.

Our wellness plans include vaccinations, various screening blood and urine tests and have been tailored according to your pet’s life stage with some including neutering and routine dental scaling and polishing.

One cat or dog year is the equivalent to seven human years – that’s a long time between pet health checks if we are only seeing your pet once a year. We recommend that your pet has a full health check every six months and have included two check ups in every wellness plan.

You will receive a 10% discount on the normal retail cost of the services included in the plans plus a 5-10% discount on all other service and medications not included in the plan. (This does not include prescription or normal pet food)

Brochures specific to your pet and its life stage are available from reception or if you have any questions please ask one of our qualified nurses or David or Rachael

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“Thanks a million for all your help and I will absolutely recommend your practice”

Rich from Auckland

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