At Abbotts Way Veterinary Clinic, we are proud to be accredited as a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic, signifying our commitment to delivering exceptional care for your feline companions.

The Gold Standard accreditation implies that we understand the unique needs of cats and have adopted practices that reduce stress and promote a positive experience for both the cats and their owners. Our staff members are specifically trained to handle cats gently and confidently, minimising any anxiety or discomfort.

As part of our commitment, we have designated Cat Advocates who are always ready to answer your queries and provide invaluable advice on feline care. They are a resource you can lean on when you need guidance on anything related to your cat’s wellbeing.

Our clinic features cat-friendly facilities, including:

  1. Separate cat waiting area: This space ensures your cat can stay calm and relaxed, away from other animals.
  2. Feline pheromone diffusers: These tools are used throughout our clinic to provide a soothing environment for your cats.
  3. Dedicated cat consulting room: This quiet, well-equipped space is used exclusively for our feline patients.
  4. Cat-only hospitalisation ward: Large, comfortable kennels with soft bedding and privacy options are provided for cats needing to stay with us.
  5. Diagnostic imaging facilities: We can perform necessary investigations onsite, reducing the need to transfer your cat to another location.
  6. Advanced surgical facilities: Our facilities are equipped to handle a range of surgical needs for your cat.
  7. Specialised equipment: We have tools like blood pressure monitors and cat-specific weighing scales to deliver the highest level of care.

At Abbotts Way Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to make your cat’s visits as stress-free as possible. Experience the difference of a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic with us!