Auckland’s warm humid climate makes it an ideal spot for fleas!

Because they tend to be a problem year round its important that you keep up with monthly flea treatments to prevent them from taking over your home.

There are an array of topical products on the market including Frontline, Advantage/Advocate and Revolution and some of these also treat roundworms. These treatments continue to advance and improve.

Each treatment option has its particular advantages so please ask one of our qualified veterinary nurses for advice on what flea treatment would be suitable for your pet. It is important that you treat all of the animals in your house and often it is necessary to treat your house as well. Fleas are the major cause of skin disease in cats and dogs and is vital to keep your pet flea free. It is always easier to prevent them rather than trying to eradicate them once you have them in your house!

Roundworms and Tapeworms

It is very important that your pet is wormed regularly for their health and yours as on rare occasions they can be passed to humans,and in particular children with devastating consequences.

Worm burdens are greatest in younger animals where they are passed in the mothers milk (cats and dogs) and across the placenta (dogs) thus it is especially important to worm your puppy or kitten very regularly.

At Abbotts Way we recommend the following worming regime for both cats and dogs.

  • Every two weeks until twelve weeks of age.

  • Every month from twelve weeks to six months of age.

  • Every three months thereafter.

Once again there is an array of products to choose from including tablets (Milbemax, Endoguard), topical applications combining flea and roundworm treatments (Advocate, Revolution) and Profender a topical treatment covering both roundworms and tapeworms.

The choices are endless so its best to come in and have a chat to one of our qualified veterinary nurses about the best treatment for you pet.