Do I need Pet Insurance?

Having your beloved pet suffer an unexpected illness or injury is hugely stressful especially if it involves a long hospital stay or a potentially life threatening condition. If you are like most people, your dog or cat is part of the family. So what happens if your family member has a life-threatening illness that you haven’t budgeted for?

With developments in veterinary medicine these days we can offer an array of advanced therapies to get your family member well and healthy again.  No one wants to compromise on the level of treatment their pet gets but if a lot of care is required the bill may start to mount up alarmingly leaving you with difficult choices if the limits to what you can afford are reached.

Having insurance means that you don’t ever have to make a decision about your pet’s health based on finances and you will feel comfortable knowing that you are providing the best possible care for your pet at an already stressful time.