You look after your own teeth (well we hope you do) so why wouldn’t you look after your pets also? Here are a few tips from our Vets at Aucklands leading Vet Clinic Abbotts Way Vets, on how to keep your pet’s teeth and mouth, clean and healthy.

  1. Clean their teeth!
    You may already do this or if not get us to show you. The vets at Abbotts Way Vets Auckland will be happy to show you how. This task is the gold standard for keeping your pets teeth clean. It can start at any age but obviously best started when they’re young to get them into the routine. Use a soft brush and water to start with, then eventually you can use the special toothpaste designed for dogs and cats. Do NOT use human toothpaste. Ask about the recommended paste and amount from your Vet or Abbotts Way Vets.
  2. Give a dog a bone!
    For dogs raw beef cannon bones are really good for keeping the teeth healthy and clean. Vets Auckland recommend choosing bones with lots of muscle tissue on them because the muscle and tendon tissue have a flossing effect. For cats you can use raw chicken necks and raw chicken wings. Never use chop or rib bones. Ask your local butcher for a bag of dog bones on your next visit, they can be stored in the freezer till ready to be chewed.
  3. Dry food is better than soft wet mushy canned food.
    Vets Auckland wide see this problem daily, dogs who are given mush are not using their teeth properly, remember they are carnivores, so their teeth are designed for gnawing and biting- your dog will thank you for it! Ask your specialist Vet provider to recommend a good dry food product
  4. Good Food.
    Abbotts Way Vets (Auckland) use prescription food such as Hills TD on their own pets so why not use it with your own. This product really works to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth and is clinically proven to reduce plaque, tartar buildup and stains… And pleasantly reduces bad breath!
    Vets Auckland have a lot of their dog and cat patients eating Hills TD. Cats especially love the taste of Hills TD
  5. Visit us!
    None of the above will get dirty teeth clean. For this you need to have your pet’s teeth professionally scaled and then polished. This will remove any tartar build up and a polish will help stop plaque from building up again before your next visit. For this you need to come see Abbott’s Way Veterinary Clinic, for a superior pet teeth clean.
  6. Check it out.
    Get your Pets teeth checked every 6 months, Vets Auckland recommend this. It is equivalent to you having your teeth checked once every 18 months. Not to mention it is nice to have your dog or cats breath smelling clean and fresh. Check ups can also be a great chance to check out your pets overall dental and physical health picking up on things such as a decaying tooth before it becomes a problem for your animal.

Contact us for dental clean and check-up today! or read more about Pet Dentistry.