Practice Manager

Chanel is our wonderful Practice Manager. She’s been working in the Veterinary Industry since 2012, with over 10 years’ experience in various roles throughout the clinic and is a qualified Vet Nurse. After spending some time in nursing while studying and as a vet nurse assistant she discovered that she loves the administrative side of the clinic.

Chanel is passionate about creating a thriving environment and has a focus on the Mental Wellbeing of her team. She strives for the clinic to provide a high standard of care. There’s consistently baking in the clinic as she loves to care for people through food.

If she’s not kneading in the kitchen, you can find her kneading clay. Chanel has recently taken up pottery and is growing her skills and learning how to create beautiful ceramic pieces. Outside of these hobbies she also loves to explore New Zealand walks and reformer Pilates.