Abbotts Way Vet for Ellerslie Pets

Abbotts Way Vet has been a part of the Auckland pet community for many years. We are a general purpose vet offering a wide variety of services for cats, dogs and small mammals.

Our vets, nurses and other staff members are well trained to ensure your pet is in safe hands. We use only the best and safest medication and equipment to ensure quality care and outcomes. We believe in preventative care where possible and encourage pets to be taken in for a annual check-up to ensure vaccines are up-to-date and issues are spotted early when possible. Our goal is to provide pets and their families the best possible life!

We offer all the usual services for new puppies and kittens, including vaccinations, microchipping as well as parasite control. We have an onsite laboratory for rapid diagnosis to enable us to start treatment sooner and improve health outcomes where possible. Our dentistry service includes cleaning teeth and gums, removal of damaged teeth when needed, sorting out injuries or abscesses in the mouth area  to help your pet have a better quality of life. Should you have an emergency, we provide immediate attention in an emergency and no booking is required.

If you’ve not visited our clinic yet, feel free to stop by. Chat with our staff, see our facilities and ask any questions you may have about how we provide quality care at reasonable prices for pets.


Being located in Remuera our clinic is a popular choice for pets from; Greenlane, Remuera, Mount Wellington, Ellerslie, Auckland and their surrounding suburbs.